The Giraffe Katù tells a story that starts from far away.
It was the end of the '70s in Moscow. The National Academy of Fine Arts of Vassiliy Surikov was attended by many young people in search of their aspirations.
One fine day, Victor, in love with painting from his earliest years, met Elena who was passionate about textile art and the fabric creation.
A great love story was born that in a few years gave birth to two beautiful little girls with just two years of difference.
While painting his canvases all day, Dad Victor cultivated in his heart the dream that his little girls would follow in his footsteps.
The girls were always close to him with a pencil in their hands from the first years of their life, often imitating his work.
When Dad Victor was working they could sense all his passion and see his skill.
This passion was transmitted to Katu and Marì in the family environment.

Their creations ranged from portrait to landscapes, from objects to clothes.
And it is precisely from these clothes designs that the idea of making children's clothing collections will be born many years later.

The two sisters continue their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the end of the course one of the two decides to move to Italy to take a Specialization in Multimedia and Technological arts.
Living in Rome for an artist is always a source of inspiration, especially for those who paint. She begins her activity as a painter but realizes that her art could reach a limited audience.
The days passed by and the two sisters have become mothers.
The idea of the Katu Kids giraffe was born one evening from the tenderness with which they take care of their children and from the difficulty of finding suitable and safe clothing for them.
The desire to dress their children well together with the passion for drawing and painting combines in the little giraffe all that a mother can look for her baby, because it is precisely from two mothers that everything starts!
For sure Dad Victor many years before could not have imagined that all the hours dedicated to teaching the technique, the perspective and the use of colors, would be transformed into the design of a brand destined to be worn all over the world!
Katu Kids is produced entirely in Italy using natural fabrics and personally controlling the entire process of creation and realization of the garment.
Each garment aims to dress the child with comfort, safety and quality of the fabrics combined with elegance and attention to detail.
Our mission is to bring families around the world the certainty that our clothes are made focusing on the health, safety and elegance of the people we care about most in our lives, our children.
Our story continues in the homes of all the children who wear and will wear the little giraffe: with its sweet eyes she will be able to accompany them step by step on the fantastic journey called life having as a gift, in addition to their own family, even the eyes of two mothers who first imagined and then realized that garment with that kind of love that only a mother can feel.

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